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Redeem your points

Through many of our programmes we reward you with TerraCycle points for qualifying waste. These points are redeemable for a cash payment to the non-profit organisation, charity or school of your choice, and other charitable gifts.

Your school or organisation

Your TerraCycle points may be redeemed directly to your school or organisation of your choice. Please note, you must redeem a minimum of 1,000 TerraCycle points, or £10. To learn more about the points programme, click here.


Childreach International

Help to provide materials and resources for students in need.

Charity images icons v1 uk 01

Provide a storage sack for storing maize in schools in Tanzania

Childreach International farming project works to help six schools in northern Tanzania produce enough maize to give school children a hot lunch every day.

115 points
Charity images icons v1 uk 02

Provide seeds for half an acre of a school farm in Tanzania

Childreach International school farming project works to help six schools in northern Tanzania produce enough maize to give school children a hot lunch every day.

450 points
Charity images icons v1 uk 03

Help to build learning landscape

The Learning Landscape is a playground framework for elementary learning that teaches core subjects, social skills, and leadership through game play, physical activity, and outdoor fun!

600 points

Waste Aid UK

3 billion people live without decent waste services. It's causing an environmental and public health crisis. WasteAid UK shares waste management and recycling skills so that communities can have cleaner environments, improved health and better livelihoods

Wasteaid uk graduates  768 %281%29

Skills for life: Train someone to start a new recycling business

By sharing simple recycling and enterprise skills, someone can start their own business and keep their community clean.

130 points
Img 3820  768 %281%29

Help prevent flooding and keep the air and oceans clean with a plastics recycling kit

With this simple recycling kit people can recycle plastic and keep their communities clean and healthy.

800 points
Making compost 5  768 %281%29

Protect forests and help families save money with an organic waste recycling kit

Making fuel and fertiliser from organic waste saves money and means people don't need to cut down trees for cooking fuel.

1200 points

Send a Cow

Send a Cow enables poor families in Africa to grow enough food and earn money by developing strong community groups and sustainable farms which integrate crops and livestock.

Lady with chicken  768 %281%29

Provide a chicken

Chickens provide meat and up to 200 eggs a year – a vital source of protein and income.

800 points
Tiptap 768 %282%29

Provide a recycled hand-washer

The Tip Tap is an ingenious African hand washer made out of recycled plastic bottles that helps improve hygiene.

1300 points
Vegbox 768 %282%29

Provide a veg box

A daily dose of health for 10 families.

1700 points

International Disaster Volunteers

IDV help disaster affected communities worldwide by providing initial relief and helping them to achieve a sustainable recovery. Their work has helped 23,000 disaster survivors in Haiti, the Philippines and Nepal to date.

Points gift image 14 uk

Provide a week's education for a child in Haiti

IDV supports 30 children at the Hands Together to Defend the Children orphanage in Port-au-Prince

800 points
Points gift image 12 uk

Provide 3 days work upcycling rubbish in Manila

IDV helps vulnerable families in Manila earn an income, while also protecting them from floods.

1000 points
Idv tc haiti school

Provide a Nepalese child with a school desk and bench

IDV supports education in Nepal by both rebuilding and equipping classrooms.

1250 points

Please note

We have two payment periods a year - If you redeem by the end of April, your charity will be paid in June. If you redeem by the end of October, your charity will be paid in December.