Help pay for a teacher’s salary in Haiti

Only 1 in 50 Haitians has a steady, wage-earning job. Through International Disaster Volunteers (IDV) you can help pay for the salary of one teacher in Haiti.

Finding gainful employment is key to finding a way out of poverty, and there are jobs available. However, for most of these jobs Haitians need to speak English. This means that English is a key vocational skill.

To meet the need for English language skills, IDV has organised English classes. These classes are led by Haitian English teachers who teach English to 140 adult students.

By redeeming your TerraCycle points, you can pay one of the teacher’s salary for one day, providing gainful employment for a teacher and keeping their students learning essential vocational skills.

(Photo: D.Oleksiewicz)

International Disaster Volunteers

International Disaster Volunteers is an England and Wales Registered charity which helps disaster affected communities worldwide achieve sustainable recovery. While our origins are European, our approach is global. We welcome volunteers and donors regardless of nationality.

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