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Recycle your waste with Ella's Kitchen

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Important changes being made to the Ella's Kitchen Brigade

There is a new, minimum shipment requirement on this Brigade;

  • Shipments of less than 5kg in weight - will receive 0 points
  • Shipments of 5kg and above (approx 550 used Ella's Kitchen Pouches) will receive 2p for the weight of each unit (0.009kg)

Public Drop Off Points

We are also looking to establish public drop off locations all across the UK so we can save many more Baby Food Pouches from landfill. If you would like to be one of our locations, please complete our questionnaire

All brigade members have been sent further information outlining the changes via email.

You can see all the public drop-off locations by looking at the map. Open the map in a new window by clicking here.

Ella's Kitchen believes that kids should have the opportunity to eat better food and also discover that healthy food can be fun, tasty and cool. Ella's Kitchen is also passionate about protecting the environment as much as they can! This is why they have teamed up with eco-friendly innovator TerraCycle to help provide a second life for their pouches and packs.

How can you help Ella's Kitchen and TerraCycle?

By saving your used packaging and sending it into TerraCycle, not only are you helping to save this packaging from entering into our landfills, but for the total weight of the packaging collected, you will be awarded TerraCycle points, which you can redeem for a monetary contribution to the charity, school or nursery of your choice! Each item (0.009kg) you send in to the Ella's Kitchen Brigade in a shipment of over 5kg is worth 2 TerraCycle points! Click here and see "How does TerraCycle count the waste I send in so as to allocate credit to my charity or school of choice?" to find out how totals are calculated.

What does TerraCycle do with the waste material?

TerraCycle will upcycle the pouch material into cool new products such as bibs for babies, handy tote bags for mums and cool pencil cases for kids!

Participation in the Ella's Kitchen Brigade is absolutely free. To find out more, or if you have queries, check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section which should have what you're looking for.

Ella's Kitchen and TerraCycle would love you to help us do our little bit to Eliminate the Idea of Waste!

If you live in Ireland and want to send your used baby food pouches to us please visit our Irish website

Check out the image below to see some examples of the types of waste that are accepted through this Brigade programme. You can also download this as a poster.

ELLA'S KITCHEN Brigade Accepted Waste

The Ella's Kitchen Brigade accepted waste:

  1. Any brand of Baby Food Pouch
  2. Any brand of Baby Food Pouch Caps
  3. Ella's Kitchen branded snack wrappers

To find out what happens to your pouches after you send them to us, please watch our video!